Build Your Winning Team

Systematic recognition
Customized rewards
Engaged employees

The Appreciation Culture

New Breed w helps companies maximize the performance of each of its employees through our exclusive, action-oriented platform that easily and systematically recognizes employees with customized rewards.

What makes our platform different is that it provides a systematic way to monitor activity, measure ROI and ensure success. Our formalized process provides a way to track spending, gain insights from the data and augment your human capital management strategies.

Our proven program helps employees feel respected, increase their engagement and achieve value and long-term success for your company.

And it doesn’t take much. Just 1% or more of payroll on an employee recognition program can show an 85 percent positive impact on employee engagement along with a direct positive impact on company bottom lines.*

*Globoforce and Society of Human Resource Professionals, 2013



Employees are 55%
more engaged when
they feel respected*

*Porath, Christine, Analysis of "What's your quality of life at work?" Harvard Business Review, June, 2013.



+10% Customer Satisfaction
+21% Productivity
+22% Profitability
-41% Patient Safety Incidents
-41% Quality Defects
-65% Turnover*

*Sorenson, Susan, “How Employee Engagement Drives Growth," Harvard Business Review, June, 2013.



Revenue growth
difference between
highly engaged
companies and low
engaged companies**

**Oehler, Ken, Recognition and Engagement, AON Hewitt, 2013.