How We Do It

Assess. Plan. Implement.

A Detailed Process


An assessment plan that includes working with leadership to align the program with company objectives as well as working with employees to identify meaningful rewards.


A key to ensuring success is gaining full company buy-in to the program. We’ll set goals, determine recognition frequencies and make sure everyone is onboard.


We will execute the rollout, explain the program to the entire company and launch the online portal. Then we’ll monitor the activity to be sure we stay on target.

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Brian Byrd on WE:ED 


Watch Brian Byrd talk about the origins of New Breed w and share his understanding and insights about the work environment, employee relations and his enthusiasm for helping companies improve productivity and performance.

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Pioneer Financial


A client-focused wealth management firm with an award-winning, certified financial leadership team was looking to reduce a high turnover rate among client-facing managers and partners. Read how New Breed w changed the culture and helped produce a 3,906% ROI.

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"The insights New Breed w brings to the table took me about 10-15 years working at a senior management level to realize."

TASSO KOKEN CEO Brookstone Airport Stores (formerly Senior Vice President at Best Buy)